10 Best Beauty Trends for Spring 2016

Spring season and sunny days are always bringing new trends in all segments of beauty industry. We’ve already seen the up-coming trends in all fashion shows that happened in Paris, New York, Milan and London…you will agree with us, they’re all amazing! The runways were full with various looks of modernity and sophistication. The simple ponytail and classic red lips are upgraded and evolutionary transformed into fashion on a higher level. We’ve rounded up Top 10 Latest Beauty Trends for Spring 2016. Stand out from the crowd and start wearing these hot styles even now. We guarantee that you’ll be center of attention wherever you show up!

We already kept you up to speed with the best beauty looks we spotted, and now we’re sharing the top three trends we saw emerge from this year’s shows: bold lids, facial embellishments and no-makeup makeup. Take a peek at some of the designers who embraced these hot beauty looks.

It’s safe to say 2015 was a big year for beauty. We saw a rainbow of hair colors, a lot of no-makeup selfies, bleached brows, baby bangs, and some wacky nail art. As for what is to come in 2015, we’ve made some predictions after poring over runway images, swiping through Instagram accounts, and taking notes from celebrities on the red carpet.

10 Best Beauty Trends for Spring 2016

Blue Eye-Shadow


Cat Eyes


Ethereal White Eye shadow and Liner


Hot Neon Lipsticks


Long Bob Hairstyle

Long Bob Hairstyle

Metallic Nails


Old-Fashioned Braids


Raw Beauty


Straighten Up


The Touch of Gold in the Hair