Latest Fashion from Style Diva Kareena Kapoor

When we speak about clothing, kareena kapoor is a no-stir kind of woman. A self-confessed “jeans and T-shirt lady”, the star’s first few years in Bollywood were all about keeping it casual. Kareena Kapoor Khan is among the top stars in Bollywood, loved for her talent, beauty and her gorgeous style. It’s taken a long while for the actress to reach where she is. So check out latest and beautiful fashion inspiration from style diva kareena kapoor below here. Click To Read More

Hot and Sexy Celebrity Short Hairstyles

There’s no other hairstyles can look more bracing and hot than a short haircut for girls. You can have a short pixie or basic bob cut for your easy everyday look. If you want to make a little contrast with your final style, then why not add some change into those short hairstyles like what these celebrities did for their Stupendous red carpet look? Click To Read More

Glamorous and Stylish Celebrity Pixie Haircuts

What do you need to style for 2016? How about pixie cut? I think that every girl should encounter with at least a pixie hair to get a fresh, simple look. Try to crop off the long hair and get a cute as well chic pixie. Even the celebrities get their hair short and style different pixies to rock the red carpet. Then what are you waiting for? Check the following post and see what you need. Click To Read More

Glamorous Updo Hairstyles that Endorsed by Celebrities

Are you in need of simple hairstyle yet still make you look stylish? Then, the updo hairstyle should be surely listed at the top of your list. It will only take you a few seconds to make a easy updo in the morning. Of course, you can make your updo hairstyle singular and special with some interesting details as you love. Today, let’s take a look at gorgeous updo hairstyles that endorsed by celebrities in this post and hope you will find one to copy! Click To Read More

Kendall Jenners Most Beautiful Fashion Styles

Kendall Jenner looks to be the one of the fashion models and television characters to have really defeated the fashion world and all the catwalks at fashion week. Though we get pleased to see her walk down the runway, we love her more in her fashionable looks on the streets. Kendall controls to make any styling trick fully painless but chic. Just scroll to see why your outfits should be inspired by Kendall. Click To Read More

Hot and Cool Celebrity Winter Fashion

You know that instant when you wake up and see the slushy snow on the ground? You are assured there’s no feasible way to look chic in such terrible weather. Think again. See how our favorite celebrities are braving the features this winter. Get influenced by candid shots of these celebrity style icons in cold-weather gear. Click To Read More

Most Stylish Celebrity Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles are having a instant. Gone are the times when long hair dominated the red carpet, now it’s about short hair cuts on your favorite celebrity actress. More and more celebrities cut off their locks and go for a shorter hair fashion. It’s not rigid for you to recognize that the short hair will be absolutely hot. Truly, the short hair will make women look more stunning and nifty. Check out few Most Stylish Celebrity Short Hairstyles here. Click To Read More

Charismatic Celebrity Style Evening Dresses

I guess every girl should have a favorite actress or singer and wants to look as seductive as her. As we all know, the splendid evening dress plays an foremost part for a red carpet look. Most of time, we can see celebrities wearing a floor-length dress and looking very  jaw-dropping. Today, let’s take a look at few glamorous celebrity evening dresses and hope you can be motivated! Click To Read More

Hottest Celebrity Long Hairstyles Looks

Bobs, lobs and pixies have been having an enlarged moment in the spotlight, but long hair never goes out of fashion—whether you’re a rocker, a model or a royal. Here, our favorite celebrity cuts and looks for finesse during the swell -out phase. We’ve collected some of hottest long celebrity hairstyles. Find out which celebrities made the list. Click To Read More