Evening Dress Styling Ideas for All Occasions

A special event needs a special dress and finding the right one is enough of a task within itself without having to worry about the intricacies of styling it, and yet here we are! Struggling with just how to accessories that beautiful frock that you’ve secured! Accessories, embellishments, hair and makeup really do make your entire look, so you’re right in being thoughtful about just how to put together a perfect outfit. If you’re on the hunt for a little inspiration, read on, here are a few evening dress styling ideas to make you stand out from the crowd… Click To Read More

A Guide to Buying Women’s Rings

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift for a loved one, finding the perfect ring is hard! Ring sizing aside, it’s very difficult to pin down the exact right ring. Of course, exploring for yourself is a little easier when it comes to finding something that you like the look of and it becomes a lot more complicated when you’re gifting. If you’re trying to navigate ring shopping and the terminology is tripping you up a little, not to worry, here is a breakdown of the most popular styles on the market right now… Click To Read More

Which Animal Print to Choose in 2020?

In the sixties, the animal print became popular in America and became more prominent in the seventies and eighties. It even took over leggings, dresses and other accessories. Animal print has been trending for a long time now and the most popular include snakeskin, leopard spots, tiger and zebra stripes. All these can bring memories of familiar styles from previous decades. In the fashion trend forecast 2020 there is much more, keep reading this article to know about the new fresher and wilder looks. Click To Read More

How to Wear Shorts to Any Occasion

Shorts aren’t exactly the first item that jumps to mind when you think of a universal, all-occasion piece of clothing, but they’re actually a total summer staple, no matter where you’re off to! But how you ask? Now, shorts are quite easy to get wrong, because they do traditionally have a super casual connotation to them, but not to worry! Outfit ideas below! It’s all a question of buying quality, fashion-forward pieces and careful styling. Here are a few inspiring looks for you to pull shorts off perfectly at any occasions… Click To Read More

How to Wear Cocktail Dresses Casually

Investing in formal and cocktail dresses doesn’t have to feel painfully expensive for a one-time occasion – you can style your piece casually to get the most wear out of it possible! Cocktail dresses are the on the informal side of evening wear, which makes them perfect for integrating into your day to day outfits! Dressing a cocktail piece down isn’t all that complicated, it just takes a little tweaking and a few of the right accessories to get right. Read on for some seriously stylish casual cocktail dress outfits that will get you itching to pull yours out of the depths of your closet… Click To Read More

Necklaces for Women: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Necklace

Necklaces are a jewellery staple and they have been for literally thousands of years! They are the perfect way of adding a hint of personality, femininity and shine to all your outfits, no matter where you might be heading off to! Finding the perfect necklace is actually a very personal choice, they are on display all the time, after all, it has to be something that you truly love! If you’re scouring the internet for that perfect chain to adorn your neck, but you’re feeling a little lost, don’t fret. Here’s the ultimate guide for choosing the very best necklace for you… Click To Read More

How to Choose the Right Bracelet for your Style

Bracelets are a fantastic way of adding a touch of elegance, colour, femininity or statement to any outfit. The right bracelet should blend seamlessly with your everyday wardrobe, your personal style and your colouring. As a light and somewhat subtle piece, a bracelet can be as simple or out there as you like it to be, as long as it is directed by your own personal style. Read on for some gorgeous bracelet options for all different styles of dressing… Click To Read More

A Guide to Ring Styling for Women

Rings are a complete staple in any woman’s wardrobe. Whether you’re wearing a wedding ring, fashion piece or a fine band, you’re most likely to have one on right this moment! It’s easy to get a little lost when you want to do a reinvention of your ring styling. Perfect stacking and pairings don’t just happen, they take some styling and careful consideration to get right. If you want to up your ring game but you’re not sure just how to approach the task, here’s how to wear your rings in the most stylish way possible… Click To Read More