Dashing Spring Casual Outfits For Men

Spring is coming and it’s time to review your wardrobe. We’ve spoken a lot about cool 2016 outfit ideas but not much about men, and today I’d like to fill in these gaps. A pair of relaxed jeans and a shirt or a t-shirt can easily become a base for a cool casual spring look. If you prefer wearing pants, you can easily get a casual flavor putting on loafers or converse, and also roll up the pants a little. If it’s a bit chilly outside, you can always add a stylish and relaxed jacket or a long sleeve and a shirt underneath. Get inspired by trendy examples below and rock casual this spring! Click To Read More

Fabulous And Casual Summer Mens Shirt Looks

We shared lots of ideas for women, and today decided to break down stylish yet wearable looks with shirts for men. Denim, washed cotton, button down collars shirts are still gonna be modern this year. As for the patterns and colors, it’s worth to have both classy and fancy prints just for fun. It’s stylish to wear layered clothes, so you should also think over getting a better suede jacket or a zip-up for windy days. With our image guide below it’ll be simpler for you to shop, so make sure to take a look and save the best ones you like. Click To Read More

Hottest and Classiest Groom Hairstyles

We know you’re planning a gorgeous and photogenic hairstyles that is best with your wedding dress. But what your future husband plans? For short hair, an everyday hairstyle will be dapper for the big occasion. For a more black tie worthy hair, check out these ideas of hottest groom hairstyles for cool hair, the popular undercut, and hairstyles for curly, thick, and wavy hair. Click To Read More

Cool and Classy Mens Urban Fashion Styles

There is a myth, propagated mainly by certain men’s magazines, that being a stylish man needs immense effort. We must keep an eye to the fashion runways in Italy, to the ready-to-wear shows, to Fashion Week in New York in order to arise as if we care what we look like. Hogwash. The verity is there are dozens of quicker and simpler ways to look better, more with it, more stylish – all with a least of effort so mens urban fashion is more of this. Click To Read More

Hottest and Sexiest Bun Haircuts For Men

Hairstyles for men has no longer sober to the typical army cut ,men too have come a long way in trending their haircuts. Its not shocking to see a men now having haircuts to the shoulder length & they are having buns of different types . The buns are kept loose or tightened up according to the persons choice however men having short hairs normally keep it tight & with long hairstyles they can loosen up their hairs .It looks truly classy to keep the facial hairs with these buns . Men having bun hairstyles always stands out in crowd & so its very foremost to have a positive attitude to carry the hairstyle .You will be tempted to grow your hairs after looking at the below pictures of the bun hairstyles . Click To Read More

Dashing and Dapper Cool Hairstyles For Men

Guys are on a regular basis looking for the perfect and trendiest new hairstyle. So if you’re looking for a new trendy and stylish hairstyle you’ve come to the right place. You can’t go wrong with getting one of these cool hairstyles we’ve hand collect just for you guys! Find your next hair cut with these stylish inspirations. Click To Read More

Try these Hipster Haircuts Which are Actually Hot

Hipster hairstyle for a man is more than a haircut that will just look as the way it should be. A hairstyle that is styled solemnly by some of the considerations will make the owner looks unique from the usual appearance. He even has their own character where every single man will show the true personality through the hairstyles. For hipster hairstyle it looks a quite short. Hipster haircut can be defined as many unlike styles. Generally it is a variation of an older haircut from the 1920’s-1950’s, or a hairstyle borrowed from an ancient culture. Check out these classy hipster haircuts and hairstyles we’ve picked out for you. Click To Read More

Be Classy and Dapper by these Artistry of Beard Styles for Men

Men are not beyond in terms of fashion as compared to the girls. They are also anxious about their style and craze. Men also prefer to look classy by styling their hair and beard. Growing facial hair can magnify the features of one’s facial shape. Men with facial hair can present themselves in many trends, depending on their own personality and physique.Here are some of inspirations for beard styles for men. Click To Read More