6 Tips That Should Help Guys Dress Better

The one importance of fashion is that it tells a lot about someone, including if you’re a hardworking guy, a bun or a classic man.

The way you put together your clothing or the way you dress, without saying anything, speaks a lot. People who don’t even care about wearing clothes or how they dress can pretty much tell people that through their outfits. This is why it is very important to always dress well. Alexandra Wood Mens Bespoke Clothing can really help you to dress better.

Well, If you want to dress better as a guy, you might want to check out these tips sourced from the opinions of customers as seen on Collected.Reviews.

 Buy Quality Over Quantity

It is better to buy one original item than buy three fake ones. Especially when it comes to shoes, suits, and outer wears, you should buy ones with good quality. Because in these categories, what you pay for is always what you get. You might want to get your quality outer wears on the best online shopping stores.

Learn How To Iron Well

Imagine wearing rumpled clothes on a date…not so cool. Learn how to press your clothes neatly. This would make you look sharper and more attractive. Plus, it would save you the cost of having a cleaner do them for you.

Get Wooden Hangers

Get rid of those wire hangers and get yourself some wooden hangers. The pliability of wire hangers cause them to bend hereby reducing their life span, and most especially they are bad storage methods when it comes to maintaining the shape of your garments and shirts. Well, wooden hangers on the other hand, have a longer life span, help to retain the shape of your shirts and jackets and its cider helps keep moths away.

Find Out what Color Works Best With Your Skin Tone

Depending on what skin tone you have, different colors bring out or diminish from your look. A lot of people confuse their skin complexion with their skin tone. Talking about tones, you can be warm toned, cool toned or neutrally toned. Identifying your skin tone would help you in picking out your clothing collection and helping you dress better.

Learn what print works for your body shape

This is one of the things anyone could get wrong. If you’re a tall and skinny guy, you could possibly wear almost all kinds of prints. But if you’re a short and plump guy, you should wear clothes with vertical stripes; they help to link in the look of your body.

Be Aware Of The Trend And

Men’s styles usually evolve slowly over time so it is very much easy to keep track of the trend. Avoid combining clothes of recent trends with older ones; you would want to avoid looking outdated. However, while new trends could evolve slowly, follow up and keep the pace. Get that new collection you saw on the runway or buy that new designer shoe.


If you want to dress better, there are many ways in which you can do it. Understand that tips are just a tiny help in dressing better. You might also need to find your own fashion signature style, change your closet or even get yourself a specialist who can help you. Either ways, you’re on your way to looking smashing.