How to Use an Ostomy Wrap to Swim

Having to use an ostomy bag might discourage you from performing physical activities like swimming but then you don’t need to worry, you can simply use an ostomy swimming wrap.

Ostomy wraps are usually used by people who use an ostomy bag or appliance, this is often as a result of a surgery that requires a change in the way the patient passes out urine or stool this might be as a result of the urinary system and digestive system not being able to perform their function due to some health complications, having to use an ostomy bag might be temporary or permanent depends on how bad the situation is.

If you’ve been wanting to swim and you keep getting discouraged because of your ostomy bag and how embarrassing you think it is, you dont really have to worry about that anymore you can just get an ostomy wrap, this usually comes with two inner pocket spaces and all you need to do it wear it around your belly to su[pport your ostomy gab, you just simply place the bag in one of the pockets and if you use two ostomy bags this is why there are two spaces. Putting on an ostomy wrap is quite easy, you can just wear it over your head or from your leg upwards just makes sure the inner pocket spaces are pointing up then you place your ostomy bag in it, make sure it is placed carefully and in the right way and it sits in the pocket perfectly and if the bag gets full and you want to empty it simply bring it out of the pocket and empty it and you sure know how to place it back. You can also use ostomy wraps alongside stoma guards, there are different types of ostomy wraps available in the market you just have to get the one you’re comfortable in, comfortability is one feature you have to put in mind.

Now back to swimming with an ostomy wrap, if you are going to swim with an ostomy wrap get something you’re comfortable in, you shouldn’t have to worry about the wraps you’re putting on and have to check it occasionally when swimming, you won’t find it fun and it will only discourage you the more and getting a comfortable wrap doesn’t mean you should get something really tight because a tight ostomy may restrict urine flow and then in the process cause leaks and also try not to get something too loose, there are different sizes of ostomy wraps, so get something suitable for your size and to avoid situations like that you can get wraps with silicone bands at the top.

 Usually, most ostomy wraps are water-resistant, this is a great feature because it means you can swim and stay in water for as long as you want, you don’t have to worry about it leaking or water getting into your ostomy bag because the wrap stays firm on your body this is why to avoid something like that happening make sure you check the wrap carefully and be sure the bag is in its right place before entering the swimming pool. Also to prevent water from entering the ostomy bag, in case you want to be 100% careful, you can use a filtered cover on the filter which you can later then remove after swimming. And also to be on the safe side before swimming, always make sure to empty your ostomy bag first before diving in.