List of Hair Removal Methods to Choose From

Hair removal is an integral part of the beauty regime, and there are different methods available for the removal of hair from various parts of the body and face. Some ways can get liberate of unnecessary hair from your body. There are multiple methods, choose the suitable to make your skin glow, and luxurious. Finding the best hair removal salon in Singapore, is a daunting task, as the pair of hands embellishing you must be proficient, efficient, and compassionate. The service you engage must be of a high standard, making you feel like a queen with unblemished, faultless skin.


In this method, a tweezers is used to pluck out strands of hair from the follicle. This method is ideal for eyebrows, and the effect lasts for 3 to 8 weeks. Tweezers are sterilized with alcohol or other disinfects after every use to eliminate the chance of infection.


A manual razor or electric one is used to cut the hair very close to the skin. There is a myth shaving can cause coarser hair growth. But dermatologist states the tip of a hair is supple and pointed, after shaving as the tip is removed, the boorish felling occurs. The master masseuse leathers your skin and cuts cautiously and efficiently in the track of hair development. The effect lasts for 1 to 3 days and causes ingrown hair, particularly in the bikini area. An ingrown hair grows in the opposite direction, below your skin instead of the outer surface. Dirt and dead skin can obstruct hair follicles forcing the hair to grow inside.


This is the most popular hair removal method, where heated wax (soft or hard) is applied on the skin to remove hair from the root. This process of hair removal can be operated in most parts of the body, and considered safe and effective. You can get an infection or redness if your skin is very tender. After a few waxing sessions, the hair growth is subtle and finer, and the possibility of infection also diminishes. The length of hair should be half an inch to perform waxing

Laser hair removal

In this process, the laser beam destroys the hair follicle. This is perfect for women with fair skin with dark hair. After three to seven sessions, most customers stop growing hair in the treated area. The laser technology has developed with cooling devices, which eliminates the chance of burn or hyperpigmentation. This process is ideal for the body with dark hair and not active on blond or white hair. Though the method is useful, it is costly and time consuming. As the laser is targeted on pigments, it is ineffective in white or blond hair as the pigment is absent. You must avoid direct sunlight exposure for one month before and after the treatment.

There are many kinds of hair removal techniques available, select the fitting one, after discussing with the beautician. After proper hair removal, your skin looks healthy, glowing, and remarkable. Consulting with the technician before hair removal gives the most desired effect.