The Beginner’s Guide to CBD Products

You’ll need to have been living under a rock or something these past few years to have missed the explosion of popularity that CBD products have experienced recently. No matter where you seem to go, CBD products are on sale, and more people are interested in these items than ever before.

If you’re brand new to the world of CBD, you might be unsure of what all the fuss is really about. What makes these products so great? In addition, you might not be clear on the difference between CBD and traditional marijuana.

No need to worry, however, as we can clear all of that up for you in an instant. Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know about CBD.

What Is CBD?

Let’s start with the basics. You likely have a sense of CBD as a wellness product, but what is it actually?

CBD stands for cannabidiol and is a compound that can be pulled from the cannabis plant. As you’re likely aware, this is the very same plant that marijuana is culled from. This chemical compound is implanted in a wide variety of products to help produce a sense of relaxation and calm.

Unlike marijuana, CBD does not contain THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. This is the chemical compound found in marijuana that produces the sensation of getting high. It is psychoactive. CBD on the other hand is not psychoactive in any way.

Yes, that means you can’t get high off of CBD products. This means you’re able to take advantage of some of the other benefits that cannabis products offer, which include a sense of calm and relaxation.

Many people take CBD products as a sleep aid, a pain reliever, and an anxiety suppressant. In fact, the FDA has recommended the use of CBD as a remedy for a wide variety of medical maladies.

How does it all work? The cannabidiol in CBD products connects with natural cannabinoid receptors in the brain, relaxing the brain and allowing these benefits to come about.

What Forms Does CBD Come In?

Now that you’re caught up with the basics, we can dive more into the specifics of the various CBD products that are available out there on the market.

Looking into making your first purchase can be a bit overwhelming, but narrowing things down to what kind of product you’d prefer can help a lot.

So how do you go about determining which product is right for you? It will depend on what you’re looking to get out of the experience, to begin with.

Do you hate the idea of ingesting things? There are topical options that will be available for you. Do you need quick relief? Vape products tend to hit the body faster. Do you need long-lasting results? CBD edibles tend to produce results that stick around for the longest period.

We’ll break down some of the most popular CBD products below and you can determine what might work best for you:

CBD Tinctures

Some of the most popular CBD products are tinctures. Tinctures are essentially edible oils that mix CBD with other ingredients. It might be additional flavoring, herbs for extra health benefits, or even melatonin to help regulate sleep cycles.

Tinctures are often sold in small bottles that come with dropper tops. This allows you to lift and deliver small and precise dosages under your tongue. When delivered to the body in this way, a person can expect to feel results within thirty minutes.

The effects of CBD should last somewhere between four and six hours when ingested in this way.

CBD Edibles

Anything that you can eat that also contains CBD would be considered an CBD edible. Under that umbrella, you might find CBD baked goods, gummies, candies, and even mixed drinks.

There are some states where CBD edibles are not allowed to be sold. Some states believe that further research needs to be done when it comes to mixing CBD and food.

Edibles will take a longer time to hit as they need to work through your digestive system. However, they also offer the longest-lasting effects.

CBD Vaping

If you want the most immediate results from your CBD product, inhaling is the most efficient method. When using a vape device, you are likely able to feel the effects of CBD products almost immediately.

However, this immediate impact also comes with a trade-off: the impact of your dosage will wear off within two to three hours, much quicker than other types of vaping.

The health risks related to vaping are also still disputed, which is something that all individuals should keep in mind before choosing this type of product.

CBD Distillate

You also have the option of buying distillate, the base ingredient of most of these products, on your own. CBD distillate is a form of cannabis extract that is purified. That means all excess materials and compounds have been stripped away.

Many places have CBD distillate for sale at reasonable prices.

Most people would not use CBD distillate directly as it is incredibly potent. Instead, buying distillate allows you to create your own CBD products at a reduced cost.

Understanding CBD Products

If you’re completely new to the world of CBD, you likely are curious about the CBD products that exist out there on the market. The above information can help you understand the wide variety of options available and which might be best suited for your own use.

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