What’s the Role of AI in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has become the basic need for every business looking forward to growing their business exponentially. Today, everyone is putting their hard efforts to churn out maximum output and get fruitful results. Unfortunately, new businesses are not familiar with the AI tactics that can help them grow their online presence across the globe.

Yes, Artificial Intelligence has become a smart tool for digital marketing that lets them promote the website/business smartly without investing high manpower and funds. The addition of AI in digital marketing gives multiple benefits that are listed below:

Increased Productivity: It’s obvious that by using artificial intelligence, you are automating the system to do specific actions based on machine learning and generating good results. This entire process doesn’t require manpower which boosts your productivity and ROI.

Many digital businesses have witnessed a spike in productivity and ROI after integrating AI in their marketing strategies.

Boost User Experience: Integrating AI and machine learning have made it possible to understand user behavior and serve them accordingly. It helps in enhancing user experience and benefits your business with a high conversion rate. Yes, user experience plays a significant role in growing conversion rate and delivering above-expectation results.

Common examples of AI-based user experiences are the ‘People also buy,’ ‘People also ask,’ ‘Suggestions’ tab, which is used in eCommerce platforms to keep users engaged.

Whenever you use Influencer marketing for brand promotion, your content will always be shown based on the above-given AI-driven user experience. Influencers like Alicia Hammons, who create content for Instagram or YouTube, get their views, clicks, etc., from AI-driven practices.

Future Prediction for Effective Marketing: In the current era, it’s crucial to keep an eye on current marketing trends and prepare your marketing strategy accordingly. However, it’s also important to keep a check on future predictions and create an effective marketing strategy. AI-driven marketing strategies make it possible to make predictions based on available data making it easy for businesses to develop future-ready marketing practices.

Real-Time Tracking: Most of you are already familiar with a free-to-use tool, Google Analytics. It is an AI-driven tool that gives you real-time tracking of your efforts and the overall performance of your content. GA4 has added numerous other AI-based sections that give you more in-depth aspects of your data, better understanding the users and how they interact with your content. Real-time data visualisation (e.g. Data Studio) is another benefit of using AI in digital marketing.

Insights Integration: AI has today made customer insight integration possible, giving enough opportunity to the marketers to get rich data about their customers and their behaviour. With insights integration, businesses can outrank the competition and increase sales, eliminating their competitors.

With that said, you are now well aware of why digital marketers use AI and enhance their marketing practices to generate satisfactory results. The motive of adding AI into digital marketing is to lessen human efforts and get a high ROI. Do let us know what more benefits Artificial Intelligence can serve your business?