The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Dress Shopping

You’re getting married, you’re busy, you’re excited – and you’re faced with finding the most important, special and expensive dress you’ll probably ever buy! Finding the right wedding dress has never been easy, for anyone, no matter what you might hear. It’s always a struggle because there is just so much pressure on brides to look and feel absolutely flawless. However, never fear, the perfect dress is out there for you, and this guide is going to help you find it…

Determine your budget

First things first, the numbers. Now, this one isn’t exactly the most romantic part of planning your nuptials, but wow is it an important one. Breaking down the marriage budget means that you know just how much you have to spend on your dream dress, which is ultimately going to determine how and where you’re going to shop. Wedding dresses do usually come with a hefty price tag, which is unfortunate considering you’re only really going to be wearing it once, so be sure to keep your wits about you and don’t get conned into dropping too much money on one. Shop online, attend sample sales and ask your boutique about the price difference between a sample off the rack and a made to order for some savvy options.

Look at your shape and your style

For some reason, we forget to factor in our own wardrobe when we’re shopping for special dresses! You should definitely be looking at your own wardrobe, your body type and your personal style when you’re searching for a wedding dress! Yes, a skin-tight sheer number looked awesome on a friend of a friend’s Instagram post, but does that really mean that it’s going to look the same on you?

No, and that goes for all the social media posts and magazines. Look inwards instead of outwards to understand your personal style and tastes. Do you love the beach? Then opt for a beachy style, boho wedding dress!

Obsessed with old Hollywood movies? A strapless mermaid dress or a cropped A-line shape in satin will fit that aesthetic amazingly. By making a choice based on you and you alone, you’ll look perfect, feel confident and have a dress that’s unique to you! For some cut guidance, think about the shape of dress that you feel best in and go from there.

Explore multiple avenues

Don’t feel like you have to go home with a wedding dress on your very first shopping trip! It can be tempting to dive in, but you really can’t make a well-informed decision until you know what’s out there. Try out one or two stores before making any choices that you can’t take back – last-minute regret is stressful for everyone, especially you!

Keep your mind open

Although you’re going into this search with a tonne of pre-disposed ideas and expectations, it is very important to keep an open mind. This will stop you from becoming frustrated when something doesn’t look exactly as you thought it would. An open mind leads to a happy process, always.

Don’t forget about accessories

Remember that accessories can really transform a dress, so don’t discount them when you’re hunting for your wedding gown. The right jewellery, headband, veil or shoes can make or break a dress, factor them in every step of the way.

Follow these tips and find that wedding dress faster and easier than you ever thought possible! This is all about your big day, so try to enjoy the process as much as you can, you’re only doing this once after all!