7 Things Every Outfit Lover Should Know

They say fashion is all that women love. Well, I would say that fashion is more about the way of living than just love. Feeling relatable? Great! But, there is one thing which people associate with fashion and I wonder why. Being classy is not all about wearing expensive clothes; it’s more a sense of enhancing yourself with just an ordinary. Oh yes! Everyone can look beautiful in those expensive designer outfits, but only a few have this talent of harmonizing the tones of grace and beauty, even in a simple outfit.

By the way, I was just wondering that soon the last digit of the year will turn its face. Are you ready to change the calendars? How about fashion? Of course, you need to upgrade your style too. Going all out and about with the same harmony of style could be boring.

So, you are a fashion lover and still haven’t given a thought to get all new with the year. It’s ok! I can help you with this. Before the new-year hit the corner, let me tell you what you need to know about the upcoming fashion.

1. When in doubt, go for anything you love

Let’s break the stereotypes. It’s time to change this associated relation of fashion and red. Why to stay in doubt, this time, be confident with what you wear. The time has come to breakdown the bond of red and audacity. Now, when in doubt wear what you love because when you are confident about your choices, you don’t need color to boost your positivity.

The winters are coming and the fashion industry is set to introduce all-new vibrant colors. Give yourself a touch of upgraded fashion and instead of red, try some new hues. It’s not the calendar only, fashion trend is changing too.

2. Wrap your fat in customized leatherwear

Well, a fashion lover knows what role the design and color play. You might not know, but let me tell you that you can wrap your fat in leather wear. For this, you need to get your jacket made according to your physique. Don’t worry; you are living in the 21st century. Get your hands on all of the sites which provide the services of customize outfits.

Do you know what is the most amazing thing about the sites of customize-your-outfit is? Some of the brands even offer assistance from fashion designers. Just show your picture and get free advice on which color and design would suit you. So, this is shout-out for all women. This year, go for customized women’s leather jacket and wrap your fat in leather wear. Look smart and smart!

3. Age and fashion are two different things

We all need to understand this. I don’t know why women think that fashion is associated with age. Oh no, please don’t think this way. Well, no one is asking you to go all gaudy and flashy. If you are about to reach your 40s, still you can be fashionable. All you need to do is, change your color palette. Keep your fashionable on fire and balance your tones in between modish and decent.

You better turn your back on the ones who say that fashion is not your thing anymore. Oh please! You all need to know the meaning of fashion. Being stylish is a matter of carrying grace and audacity- all at once. So, instead of fusing fashion with age, set these two terms apart and rock-on your kitty parties with your looks.

4. Accessories are best to compliment yourself

You know what? Sometimes complimenting yourself with a single necklace can enhance your beauty. I know many of you think that wearing an accessory can make you look extra. But, no! You are walking on the wrong track. It can make you look more catchy and pretty.

Have you ever look at those elegant pairs of earrings or that finest necklace, wore by the Queen? Oh yes, you got it right! I’m exactly talking about one of the royal family. If you think that only a diamond can compliment you, then think again. Because these are your choice which makes you look all pretty and catchy. Give yourself a remarkable compliment with the wise selection of accessories.

5. Play creatively with vintage

These are not the new clothes which can change the statement of your style, in actual, it is the mind that needs acceptance. Didn’t get the point? Let me clear a picture. What about those thousands of bucks you spent on shopping, last year. You can utilize all of them. Yes! You heard right. Just take out your old clothes and start pairing them with news style.

You can still use your high-neck and oh, how can you forget that faux fur. You know what? To change your style you not necessarily need money, sometimes creativity is enough to switch your statement from old to new. So, search for ideas and start playing creatively with vintage.

6. In fashion, there is no comfort zone.

Ah, this may sound absurd to you but, trust me this is the must-to-know thing for all fashion lovers. When it comes to self-satisfaction, there is no comfort zone. Do you like that long gown? Go for it! Don’t let your mind control your preferences. Comfort-zone is the second name of confidence; avoid integrating it with dos and don’ts.

Repeat with me- go for it, it’s your choice just go for it! Just keep repeating this until you get yourself out of the prospects of doubt. Sometimes it’s good to break the walls of neutrality. Want to change your constant style of a long skirt with skinny jeans? What are you waiting for? Keep your head up walk confidently in your pair of skinny jeans.

7. Your footwear needs equal attention

Imagine being all dolled up in high and still looking incomplete. You know why? You have actually forgotten something. Guess what it is? You are footwear! No, by saying forgotten I didn’t mean that you forgot to wear. I meant to say that you haven’t paid any attention to it.

I know you love that red pair of heels and suit you. But, do you know what? Not everything correct is accurate. Yes! The accuracy and perfection of things depend on the situation. Not every time the same pair of heels can make you look gorgeous. In fact, being gorgeous is not mandatory. You can look cool too. So, ensure that you are paying equal attention to your footwear too.

Author bio:

This piece of writing is crafted by the famous fashion designer, Lisa Resnick. The renowned designer is known for creating and introducing unique styles in the fashion industry. Also, Lisa assists different fashion brands and help in coming up with innovative yet modish ideas. These days, the innovations of the remarkable designer can be seen on customizejackets.com