How to Choose A Wedding Dress When Pregnant

So you’ve decided to walk down the aisle before your baby gets here, and you don’t have the slightest idea how to combine a maternity dress and a wedding gown for that day. It is a task that requires special attention because not only do you need to be comfortable but you will also need to look great too. You will need to make special arrangements and look for a different kind of bridal shop. It seems difficult, but here are a few tips to get you more knowledgeable and confident when choosing your gown:


When you contact your choice bridal manager, you want to mention that you are pregnant and include details such as how far along you are so that they put that in consideration when picking out gowns for you to try on. This is important because not many salons make wedding dresses for pregnant women.

If you are having your dress made from scratch, it would be wise to have it made at a larger size to accommodate the expected growth of the belly. Most dresses take a few months to make, so be sure to make a size estimate that will cater for the size.

It would be nice if you could get a salon that has experience making wedding dresses for pregnant women – they are better experienced to estimate the size of the dress.


If you want to flaunt your baby bump, make it known to the salon so that they can design the dress with special emphasis to the baby bump. If you don’t want it to show, do the same.


This is your special day and you should not be spending it in a boring maternity dress begging to be excused as a wedding dress. Go for the intricate designs that bring out a unique look without looking cliché or ridiculous.

When your wedding dress is done, keep it away from kids especially if it has intricate designs. Speaking of kids, this site will take care of your children in terms of outfits and accessories even for this special day.


You will be wearing your wedding dress for hours, so it would great to make sure that it is comfortable. Most of this will be determined by the fabric used to make it.

When making the order for your dress, request that the inside be made with soft and breathable fabric. This is the part that is going to be in contact with your skin for the better part of the day. Cotton would make an excellent fabric – it is smooth and will be well-knit to make sure that there are no scratchy or prickly parts.

Breathable fabric allows air to flow in and out freely, which is great for temperature control. Aeration is necessary to prevent gaining or losing too much heat.

You should also make sure that the fabric used is hypoallergic. You don’t want to be sneezing and scratching your itchy back as you walk down the aisle.


Accessories like jewellery will add some sass and class to you outfit but if you overdo them, you will be in for a long day. It is said that your bump is the largest accessory on your outfit, especially if your wedding dress is made to bring it out. You should therefore steer clear of too much bling. Heavy earrings, necklaces with pendants, bracelets, anklets and all that should really be out of the picture. You want to feel as light and unconfined as possible.


Your shoes will also be making a significant part of your outfit. Usually, brides want to step out in dazzling heels and feel the kick of it when they walk down the aisle. This is completely fine, but what happens to you when you are standing there with a few pounds in your belly and a non-existent centre of gravity? You may really want to reconsider wearing heels for your wedding.

There are many alternatives to this. You could wear a beautiful and comfortable pair of flats, doll-shoes or not so high heels. If you still want to go with six-inches you can have someone bring some more comfortable shoes so that you can change as soon as you start feeling uncomfortable.


Just as with cars, houses, shoes and basically everything else, the most comfortable wedding dress will probably go for the highest price. You should not be willing to sacrifice your comfort to save a few bucks. This is a once-in-a-lifetime day and you deserve to have fun without worrying about how tight the dress is at the waistline, why it is pinching you at the cleavage, what is the pricking feeling at your back or why it is so hot inside. If you want to negotiate the price, be sure that when the designer lowers the price it is not because they have lowered the value of the dress as well.

In conclusion, pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in any woman’s life. The joy of getting married while carrying a little human in your belly is unimaginable. It is why you deserve to do so with as much style and class as you want. Make your requirements for the wedding dress very clear and see to it that your planner follows them all to the letter. Make sure that it is comfortable enough for you to wear the whole day without ruining your wedding. Click on this site for the best baby products during and after pregnancy, including maternity bras, breastfeeding pillows and baby bedding.