How To Transform an Exposed Brick wall

An exposed brick wall could be like a half-full bottle, you could see it as half empty; an eyesore or half full: an opportunity to try on some DIY interior. If your brick wall is exposed by choice or not, this article should be helpful in a jaw-dropping transformation. By the way, check here for painters Ormond.

Tips to transform an exposed brick wall.

Firstly, To transform an exposed brick wall, you have to have an exposed brick wall if you do not already have one. To do this, carefully choose the wall you would like to expose and strip it. In choosing what part of the home to expose, you should ensure you choose an expanse: one without walls or windows. This way working around will be much easier and you wouldn’t need a lot of filling and repair when you are done with the aesthetics.

Secondly, you need to prepare the wall like a bride.  You need to be extra careful here, especially if you are the sort of person to like details and precision. Clear the walls and then drill the dirt hole to ensure you have a brick in that section. If there is no brick, check someplace else. When you do find a brick, open only a total of 25 square centimeters. This is to help you ascertain the quality of the bricks. If you are not satisfied, you can stop there and move elsewhere or just shelve the entire project.

Protect yourself and your belongings. This could get rough and messy so put on your boots, gloves, goggles, etc and cover all your furniture in plastic or tarps. You should have some buckets on the ground too for collecting the waste.

Take your time. Brick wall decorations do not take the span of frying an egg. They could get really messy, tough, and overall frustrating.  For best results, do not go hitting the walls at random areas. No, it doesn’t work that way. Start at the test area which should be your center then work your way around the rest.

After you have opened up the areas you would like, clean the entire place. Clean the bricks, remove all the dust and go for a smooth finishing with sandblaster and acid. For best results, end it all with a terracotta sealant.

Paint it whatever color you like. Go bog, go for white. Go for black or highlight the raw brick look. Go for two coats of paint, give it a good prime and a detailed finishing

Lastly, if you are unsatisfied there’s always another way out. You can always use modern brick cladding to recreate the same look or just buy wallpaper. Easy.


Transforming a Brick wall design could be a tough job but they are just worth the trouble if you do it just right. On the other hand, you could hire professionals to do the job if you cannot go through the trouble, and what beats them all? Buy a wallpaper, simple