Necklaces for Women: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Necklace

Necklaces are a jewellery staple and they have been for literally thousands of years! They are the perfect way of adding a hint of personality, femininity and shine to all your outfits, no matter where you might be heading off to! Finding the perfect necklace is actually a very personal choice, they are on display all the time, after all, it has to be something that you truly love! If you’re scouring the internet for that perfect chain to adorn your neck, but you’re feeling a little lost, don’t fret. Here’s the ultimate guide for choosing the very best necklace for you…

Look at length

Necklace length is really something to think about, it’s no good finding your perfect piece only to receive it and discover it’s about ten inches longer than you thought it was going to be. Pay attention to necklace style specifications, this can often tell you a lot about the rough (or exact) length of the piece. Chokers are tight sitting, falling above your collar bone, they’ll usually be about 14-16 inches long. A great length to look at is in the 17-19-inch zone, this falls delicately at the nape of your neck and adds a beautiful accent to your look without being too tight-fitting or fashionable.

Think about material

Have a good think about what material you’d prefer your necklace to be crafted out of. Most designers make their pieces in multiple metal options, meaning that even if you’ve already fallen in love with a particular style, you might still have the luxury of selecting exactly what metal you’d like it in! Your predominant options are silver, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. These are all stunning, high-end options. If none are standing out as a clear favourite, think about how you dress! Do you love crisp whites, blues, greens and pinks? Silver or white gold will suit you perfectly. If you steer more towards purples, reds, creams and browns, yellow or rose gold will pair better with your wardrobe!

Consider your style options

Once you’ve decided on your length and material you can start to consider your style options! This part is highly subjective, just be sure to do a lot of exploring and find a style that you completely fall in love with, especially if you’re planning on wearing your necklace every single day.

Keep an eye on quality

Regular wear leaves a lot of room for tarnishing or wearing down, so be sure to only select high-quality pieces. A necklace is in close contact with, you guessed it, your neck, for a lot of hours of the day. This means that any cheap materials are likely to irritate your skin or unravel pretty quickly. If you’re shopping for golds, be sure to check the Karat. Karats are a great way of signalling quality, with the very best being 24Karat. Try and steer clear of anything below 12 or 14, this won’t last you as long.

Factor in your day to day

The final thing to factor in here is how you go about your daily grind. For example, if you’re going to a demure office, you can’t wear your favourite statement purchase to work all the time, a light dainty piece will suit you more. Similarly, if you have a young baby, it’s going to be pulling at your necklaces and hair, so a thin chain might not be the best choice for you – a leather cord is going to be better. By considering your lifestyle you’ll end up with something that you love and can actually wear on a regular basis!

Necklaces for women come far and wide! Once you’ve consulted this guide, you’re fully qualified to get exploring to find your perfect piece.