6 Awesome Giveaway and Souvenir Ideas for Children’s Birthday Parties

It’s that time of the year once again for your precious little nugget. Each year parents throw a party to celebrate the birth of their kids and give thanks for another year of life. As you study the long list of party needs for your eldest’s upcoming birthday, you see giveaways and souvenirs on a high place ‒ unchecked ‒ and realise you haven’t prepared them yet.

Giveaways, souvenirs, party favours or whatever you want to call them are small presents given to guests as a gesture of appreciation for making it to the party. Let’s be honest here. One of the main reasons everyone goes to a kiddie party these days is for the sake of giveaways. That moment when kids line up to greet the celebrant a happy birthday and claim their packed of goodies is one of the most sought-after moments at the party.

So, if you’re a mommy who wants to throw her child the best birthday party ever and make everyone happy, I’m sure you’re scouring the Internet for great souvenir ideas. Well, today’s article makes a perfect place to start. With such a long list of souvenir ideas out there we’ve made it easier for you by putting together the best giveaway ideas for your toddler’s birthday party.

Sweets in a Jar

Here’s a perfect giveaway for tots with a sweet tooth. While some events services are offering inclusive giveaways and souvenirs, you can always opt to make these candy jars yourself if you are hosting the party on your own. To make it a little special, try to add more creativity by customising the candies to the celebrant’s name and sealing the jars with cutie bow ribbons that are after the party’s theme. Sure, kids can’t say no to this creative giveaway, even more so when it’s as beautiful as your creation.

3D Me (Personalised Photo Plush Toys)

Put your child’s 3D face on a plush toy to let everyone remember this special day. Or if you have a few selected guests coming to the party, you can also choose to put their faces on these toys so it won’t only be cherished by your young guests but also by adults. Look for custom providers such as Mini-Me Pals. They are offering made-to-order services for 3D face plush toys with a wide variety of plushies to choose from. You just have to select your plushies, upload a gallery of photos (with high resolution) on their site, and orders will be delivered to your doors worldwide.

Personalised Swim Caps

If you are hosting a pool/beach or a mermaid-themed party, personalised swim caps make the best option for cool giveaways. You can print your child’s pre-birthday photos on these colourful swim caps or write a “Thank you for celebrating with us.” note to make them feel your appreciation towards them coming. Plus, kids can use these caps at the after-party swimming sesh with the celebrant.

Premium Macarons in a Box

For themes such as tea party, London, and Pretty Pastel, you can give out premium macarons in chic and artsy packaging. While macarons would always come in pretty colours, have your giveaways baked to the ones matching the party’s theme.

Cartoon Character Handled Stampers

Kids can’t also say no to stampers. Instead of giving out traditional ones, level up your giveaways by choosing stampers with 3D cartoon character handles. This is ideal for parties with cartoon and superhero series/movie themes such as Frozen, Spider-Man, or The Powerpuff Girls.

Custom Muslin Bags

Customise mini muslin bags printed with the birthday party’s theme, especially when you’re planning to hold the party around back to school season. After all, useful giveaways are always the best ones. You can also fill them up with goodies
that children will surely enjoy.