How to Choose the Right Bracelet for your Style

Bracelets are a fantastic way of adding a touch of elegance, colour, femininity or statement to any outfit. The right bracelet should blend seamlessly with your everyday wardrobe, your personal style and your colouring. As a light and somewhat subtle piece, a bracelet can be as simple or out there as you like it to be, as long as it is directed by your own personal style. Read on for some gorgeous bracelet options for all different styles of dressing…


Minimalism is all about focusing on simplicity and function, sticking to a limited colour palette and clean-cut shapes. A great bracelet option for the minimalist dresser would either be a sculptural, statement cuff or an elegant wishbone metal band. A cuff would add a beautiful touch of grandeur and drama to a simple black dress, choose one in shining silver to really draw attention to your piece. To keep your cuff minimal, be sure to remove any other accessories you might be wearing and keep your footwear simple. A simple band can be worn with stud earrings and a ring, just be sure that they’re all crafted from the same metal.


Classic dressing leans towards statement essentials and basic colours, think black dress pants, a crisp white shirt, leather jacket, simple, suede pumps. If you love to keep it simple, timeless and oh so stylish, a simple metal band, watch or a chunky gold bracelet will suit you perfectly. Opt for something that’s going to complement all your outfits, you’ll want to be able to keep your effortlessly chic with you, no matter the occasion!


Bohemian babes need bangles, beads and chains, and they need lots of them! The boho look focuses on collecting eclectic pieces are wearing them together in a harmonic, dreamy fashion. Layer up the metal, resin and beaded bangles for an amazing and unique look. Wear your bracelets with off the shoulder dresses, flowing maxi skirts and cowboy boots to perfectly embody the classic boho chic style that we’ve all been chasing for so many years! If you’re a spiritual gal, you can always find some pieces with little mantras, quotes or even energy charging stones and crystals on them.


Romantic dressers love their lace, studs, leather and boots. Anything that’s soft, ladylike and delicate can be met with a little tough, dark material to create some old school romantic drama! If you love to feel gorgeous and romantic on a regular basis, pair your flowing fabrics and intricate shapes with a few charm bracelets or chains with a trinket or stone embellishment. This adds to the storyteller nature of your aesthetic and brings a bit of that old-world charm to your ensemble.


Androgynous dressing is all about muted colour palettes, sharp tailoring and contemporary shapes. This fluid style is incredibly fashionable and looks amazing on literally everybody, so there’s no reason not to extend the androgynous ethos to your jewellery, too! A shining chain or link bracelet will add to your genderless look perfectly, giving you a hint of adornment without overpowering your strong look. Pair with an ever so trendy chain neckless for a perfectly stylish outfit.

No matter what your personal style might be, there’s a bracelet option out there for you! This is the best way to amplify your everyday looks and take them to the next level without going too overboard. Whether you’re a layering lover or a one chain at a time kind of girl, explore all the options out there for bracelets for women, you are sure to find your perfect fit!