Top Tips for Hiring a Boat in Sydney

Hiring a boat for a Sydney Harbour cruise is an amazing thing to do, no matter what type of event you’re planning. Floating out on the glittering water with the iconic Opera House to your left, Kirribilli to you right and the Harbour Bridge right in front of you will last with you and your guests for a very long time to come. Organising this unforgettable occasion is actually pretty seamless, there are just a few steps that you should be taking in order to put together the best event possible. These include…

Look at your budget

Make sure you know exactly how much money you’re working with! The budget determines pretty much every part of the event you’re planning, so this one is very important and should absolutely be done right off the bat. Once you have your exact budget worked out, you’ll be able to see if you can afford any added luxuries and you’ll know how many guests you can realistically host! One of the best things about harbour cruises is that it’s basically a singular payment that takes care of most of your party planning, so no prolonged stress and endless spending for you!

Pin down the numbers

The next step after deciding on your budget is pinning down the number of guests you’re having! This is a huge one and it needs to be done early, as many vessels have pretty specific capacity limitations and requirements. You’ll need to get a definite RSVP from your whole invitee list, otherwise, you could be faced with some awkward situations when someone decides they that actually are attending the day before, only for there to be no room on board. Once you have your list of attendees, you’ll be able to see what kind of boat will work for your event.

Consider your event

Good party planning always takes the full event into consideration. Look at your guest list, event and theme to perfectly plan every element of your occasion. For example, if you’re hosting a birthday party with lots of kids attending, and you don’t provide any simple or small meal options, you’re going to have a problem on your hand. Similarly, if you’re hosting a hens or bucks party and you don’t secure a DJ or think about the music, it’s going to be more of a miss than a hit. Take a good look at the day you’re planning for and you’ll be sure to throw a very successful event.

Determine your pickup and drop off spot

Your pickup and drop off spot need to be a democratic decision! All of your guests need to be able to get to and from this spot relatively easily, and it should be accessible by public transport. Also, consider whether you and your guests might want to carry the party on after you dock! If this is the case, you should try and pick an area that’s close to the centre of the city or located near your favourite bar.

Timing matters

Be thoughtful about what time your event starts and ends. Do you want to watch the sun setting on Sydney Harbour? Opt for a late afternoon departure time. Maybe you want to see the glittering lights at night-time? Early evening will work for you! Plan the timing around the guest list and the nature of the event to get it right.

Following these party planning steps will lead you straight to the perfect unforgettable event! Check out your options for boat hire in Sydney to get started on that process.