Sweatshirt Guide: Create Cute Sweatshirt Outfits

Just because you’re wearing a sweatshirt does not mean you can’t look cute or sexy. Here is the ultimate sweatshirt guide to create cute sweatshirt outfits.

Sweatshirts are no longer a piece of loungewear you only wear around the house or at the gym. With so many fits, colors, and fabrics, you can wear them anywhere, anytime, and for (almost) any occasion.

Just because it’s a sweatshirt doesn’t mean it should be slouchy, baggy, or ill-fitting. There are so many ways to make a sweatshirt look stylish and with the right pieces, your outfits can be fashionable and trendsetting.

Not sure how to wear sweatshirts and still look good? Here are some cute sweatshirt outfits to help you get inspired and make the most of your loungewear.

Sweatshirt + Jeans


Jeans have been one of the most popular clothing items worn by all generations because they’re comfortable, versatile, and suitable for almost any occasion. This means you can also wear jeans or any denim with sweatshirts.

Whether it’s a pair of skinny jeans, shorts, a denim skirt, or even jeggings, a quality sweatshirt will round off the outfit so you can look good without too much effort. If you work a job with a more relaxed and casual dress code, a sweatshirt and jeans is the most comfortable combination for long hours.

For this outfit, a pair of sneakers or flat shoes is your best choice, but you can also wear boots or booties for a pop of style. For a bolder, more urban look, go for ripped boyfriend or mom jeans.

Sweatshirt + Dress or Skirt

If you’re looking for hoodie outfit ideas to wear for school or casual dates, combine your sweatshirt with a skirt or a dress. You can opt for a short denim skirt, a long flowy dress, a short or knee-length body-hugging dress, or a simple cotton skirt.

Pair the combo with sneakers, sandals, wedges, or even open-toe booties to elevate the look. Backpacks, shoulder bags, and tote bags are the best fit for this outfit. If wearing a hoodie, add a baseball cap for a casual finish. If you wear a regular sweatshirt, you can add a watch, big earrings, or chunky rings to accessorize.

Sweatshirt + Shorts


On chilly spring and summer nights, cute sweatshirts and shorts are the go-to combos for a night out with friends, long walks by the beach, or a casual evening at home. You can wear denim shorts, skorts, running shorts, bike shorts, or beach shorts and complete the look with a pair of sneakers, sandals, or flip flops.

Wear a cotton t-shirt or a crop top under the sweatshirt so you can adjust your outfit to the weather. You can also wear the sweatshirt off the shoulder or zip it only halfway up for a slouchy, relaxed look.

Sweatshirt + Leggings

For days when you don’t feel like dressing up or you want to feel comfortable, grab your favorite pair of leggings and your best sweatshirt, put on a pair of stylish sneakers and you’re ready to seize the day. This combo is also great for running errands, going shopping, taking a walk around the neighborhood, or just lounging around the house.

Women’s sweatshirts come in many fits, sizes, colors, and styles, so you can wear them with regular leggings, patterned leggings, jeggings, yoga pants, or even leather leggings. Don’t forget to wear a t-shirt or a cami underneath as an extra layer so you can unzip your sweatshirt if the weather gets hot.

Sweatshirt As a Dress


Did you know you can wear womens sweatshirts as dresses? Longer sweatshirts and hoodies are a great casual option for when you don’t want to be comfortable and still look stylish and cool.

You can combine your sweatshirt dress with booties, boots, sneakers, sandals, and even high heels. For example, Ariana Grande loves wearing long sweatshirts and she combines them with over-the-knee boots, a sleek ponytail, and a pair of luxe sunglasses.

Choose a sweatshirt with a print, quote, or color that describes your personality and don’t be afraid to accessorize. A nice baseball cap, chunky jewelry, and backpack, and you’re good to go.

Layered Sweatshirt

Sweatshirts make for great layered pieces and you can wear them no matter the weather. In the spring and fall, they’re a good replacement for jackets and sweaters; in the winter, you can wear them under a jacket and over a blouse to stay warm.

For warmer weather, choose a sweatshirt made of breathable fabric like loopback cotton, polyester, or a blend of the two. These fabrics help absorb moisture and help you stay cool and dry without sticking to your skin.

For the winter and fall, get a fleece sweatshirt or one with a soft, plush inner fabric. You can also go for a sweater-type sweatshirt to help you stay warm and fashionable.

Sweatshirt Off the Shoulder


Off-the-shoulder blouses and shirts are a trendy look, but if you want a more casual look, go for a sweatshirt with a wide cut along the collar. You can wear a cami or a sports bra underneath or a strapless bra if you don’t want any tan lines.

You can also make your own off-the-shoulder sweatshirt by cutting off the collar. Fold the sweatshirt in half and make sure both sides are perfectly aligned. Use pins if you need to set the sweatshirt in place.

Then, draw a line 2 inches away from where you want the cut to be. Cut the fabric carefully to make sure there are no crooked lines. You can always use a piece of cardboard to make sure your lines are straight or follow online tutorials for more detailed instructions.

Dress for Comfort and Style With These Cute Sweatshirt Outfits

Sweatshirts are a great choice of clothing for every season for when you want to look put together and feel comfortable.

Though they’re considered loungewear, if you combine them with the right pieces, you can create tons of cute sweatshirt outfits for school, running errands, or hanging out with friends.

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