Spring Wedding Nail Designs for Gorgeous Brides

Brides are looking for some finishing touches to polish their looks, outfits and decor. We’ve gathered a bunch of amazing ideas to motivate you, and they are all about manicure. How can spring nails look like? Think pastels, floral patterns and twisted French manicures. Mint, peach, blush, grey and dusty blue are gorgeous for your nails – they’ll look very elegant and spring-like. Floral nail art is on top because it will highlight that it’s spring and looks very feminine. If you want to stick to classy French, at least give it a twist: an accent nail or a colorful rim. Get motivated by the ideas below! Click To Read More

Bold and Beautiful Black Nail Art Designs

Black is clearly one of the most stylish colors that you can choose for either your dress or your nail color. There’s something splendid and bizarre about the black color that it suits just about every outfit and occasion that it is paired with. This is also the reason why so many people like the color black. It’s stable and impulsive and you are immediately transformed into something beautiful overnight. Click To Read More

Elegant and Charming Gray Nail Art Designs

When you talk about nail art design, you would aware that it has become such a trend that there are new styles popping nearly every year. Just like clothes, nail art designs also differ and change depending on the seasons and what is currently in trend. You can simply find a lot of new collection of shades in stores presently and it will simply shock you on how much you miss in one season. However there is one classic color that can fit into just about any season with the right kind of design and blend with other colors gray. Click To Read More

Make Your Own Nail Designs and Have Fun

One of the most creative types of makeup that makes a girl’s style precisely personal and expressive is nail art. Nail art refers to the wide range of incompatible decorations that can be applied to a person’s fingernails. If you want a unique and stunning design, then consider polishing your nails with this beautiful ideas. On our site, you’ll find supportive tips, techniques and inspiration to get the most dazzling nails ever! Click To Read More

Gorgeous Polka Dot Nail Designs for Stylish Women

Women always want to look gorgeous and fabulous in front of people. You can wear ideal makeup, haircuts and elegant dresses. Also, your nails will play an major part for your beauty. Painting your nails can be quite fascinating and leisure and one of the most trendy nail designs for girls is the polka dot themed nails. Check out few classy polka dot nail designs in this post and be ready to get motivated! Click To Read More

Nail Art Designs That Are So Gorgeous for Fall

A welcome shift after the sheer nude takeover of Spring. What do you desire to glam for fall? Why not just initiate with manicure to greet the new season? It’s time for you to take care of your nail art! If you don’t have any idea on your new manicure, you can browse through this post that nail art designs that are so gorgeous for fall. Click To Read More