Which Animal Print to Choose in 2020?

In the sixties, the animal print became popular in America and became more prominent in the seventies and eighties. It even took over leggings, dresses and other accessories. Animal print has been trending for a long time now and the most popular include snakeskin, leopard spots, tiger and zebra stripes. All these can bring memories of familiar styles from previous decades. In the fashion trend forecast 2020 there is much more, keep reading this article to know about the new fresher and wilder looks.

Great ways of spicing up the animal print in 2020

1. Layering

The common style method for animal prints is just layering them on top of each other. Never be afraid of mixing the animal prints you love. For example, for women’s fashion, you can match snakeskin boots with a leopard print top. A good combination leaves a woman looking chic and not clashy. Some designers have even employed this style and created a nice combination great for the cold weather or for parties.

There is another famous option for layering animal prints with bold patterns. A lot of designers put together animal prints with other designs and textures such as plaid and floral. This brought about a busy excitement during last year’s Fall runways.

2. Accessories for Tortoiseshell

There are many ways of styling the core of an outfit. What follows next is adding to your great look with animal print additions. Currently, the best animal print additions are the tortoise shells. You will mostly find them in the jewelry section. They are available in forms such as fashion bracelets, pendants, and earrings. They are also great for designing sunglasses and bags that people are often seen within places like churches, markets, bars where people enjoy spielekostenlos and so forth.

3. Top to Bottom

This is another great way of rocking an animal print. It requires taking notes from the animals that inspired it and just wearing it from head to toe. Generally, every piece will produce a great feeling and atmosphere of wild power. An effect like this can be made powerful if the outfit is all a person has. In a case like that, wearing it as a statement piece all over the body and putting on animal print shoes is a very wild decision.

4. Colorful Reimagination

Since the eighties and nineties, looks came back to fashion, colors that are bold are always trending on runways every time. Designers have even changed the normal animal print dress colors like white and black for zebra paints forming a group of those prints. For example, there are striking colors from pink to yellow, green to blue and more. This is like killing 2 birds with a single stone when you intend to introduce a pop of color to an outfit while also wearing a bold animal print.


The fashion trends keep on changing. The outfits we put on are determined by the season but at times we tend to copy what celebrities put on and what we see during fashion week. It can be difficult to buy new clothes each time from the best designers. But if you know the preferred items and the way to combine them, you will be able to redesign an expensive outfit using the animal prints we have talked about here. You can learn more about how to wear animal prints online. Leave us a comment about our article and you can ask us any questions that you may have.

Author’s bio: This article was written by LaBonte, who knows a lot of options that can produce a great look and all about trends such as Novoline. The animal prints he has talked about here are the best ones that even other fashion experts recommend. Besides fashion, he is an outgoing gentleman who loves making new friends.