7 Ways to Wear Sneakers at Work and Still Look Professional

Who else is ready to defy uncomfortable shoes and all the painful heels to wear sneakers at work today?

I see a few hands from here… and a few also over there. Funny how everyone seems to raise their hands because honestly, what else could be comfier than a pair of sneakers? I bet nothing in this world. Which is why it makes a lot of sense for most of us girls to curse office dress codes and just follow whatever it is that makes us feel more comfortable and confident in our desks.

Gone are the days when women would commute to work in sneakers and then secretly change in stilettos once they’ve got to the lobby’s loo. Thank God because that scenario was never really easy. You had to bring those shoes every time and drive your feet to constant changes from comfy to heeled conversely, making it even harder for you to come to work every single day. As luck would have it, several firms are now embracing the casual dress code policy which allows every member of the workforce to wear casual yet decent clothes at work. In accordance with this implementation is the rising popularity of combining professional outfits and casual streetwear clothing in one style that promotes a dressy yet relaxed outfit in the office.

Updating your business suits is best achieved when you pair them with sneakers. Though we’re not so sure of how exactly these sneakers rose from street to chic and now to modern semi-formal, the only thing that matters today IMHO is how you’re going to pull it off in the office. To give you some tips, here are seven amazing ways that will make you look professional in sneakers.

Look for fashion and lifestyle sneakers.

First things first, make sure you’ve got some chic sneakers that will best pair with your outfit. While basic is neat and comfy, playing with contemporary styles can also jazz up your wear otherwise. You can opt for opulent patterns such as metallic, glittery, and faux fur, especially if you want to let your footwear stand out.

Pair with well-fitting pegged pants.

Avoid pairing sneakers with denim jeans if you are trying to create a professional look. Denim will instantly make your sneakers look more casual and relaxed but a pair of well-fitting pegged pants or wide-legs can make you look more elegant and professional. Just be careful when it comes to fitting. Do not choose pegged pants that are too tight or skinny while wide-leg trousers should not give off a sloppy, baggy look.

Combine black jeans with a blazer.

Black is the safest colour to choose if you can’t help yourself from wearing denim jeans. Black jeans are versatile. They can create a casual or formal style at the same time, depending on the other pieces that come with them. Pair black jeans with a great top and don’t forget to layer a stylish blazer to complete a professional statement.

Experiment with pencil skirts.

Pairing sneakers with a pencil skirt is another trendy outfit that can give you an edgy and modern business casual attire. You can combine sport and sophistication by scoring a structured top.

Opt for a chromatic jumpsuit.

Jumpsuits can always give you an instant smart casual outfit to flaunt in the office. While there are several stylish hues and patterns to choose from, sticking to black jumpsuit with stark-white sneakers can make you look smarter and more elegant.

Pair with classic tailoring.

Any pieces that look slightly boring on their own, just like your classic-tailored office wear, can get a fresh update when paired with the right sneakers. If the office wear is toned already, stick to basic white shoes or try the other way around.

Let sneakers stand out.

While sneakers are often marked as casual, you can also find stylish ones from different brands so you won’t have to stick to white ones all the time. Don’t be afraid to let your sneakers stand out some days. Feel free to choose from chic patterns to flashy colours and walk the walk till you get to your office desk.