Swimsuits Trending in 2020

If you are a sand beach lover like me, you are already looking forward to the next summer somewhere far away from home and thinking of what swimsuits to add to your suitcase. Swimsuits are the first items to pack onto your suitcase but what swimsuits are trending 2020? There are swimsuits with a wide range of silhouettes and colors to consider in the next summer. Discover what swimsuits will conquer 2020 to be on top of things and trends. Today I have sampled some of the top swimsuits celebrities and fashion insiders will wear during summer.

I am glad to announce that no season has had a color trending beyond. Each season has come with different trending colors. Some of the colors expected to rock the runway include Tangerine, Valentino, Bottega Veneta, Emilia Wickstead and more. Orange hues are expected to dominate the runway for a better part of the next summer season, from the look of things, we have never been wrong and even when we are wrong may be we choose to. I will keep you updated on color trends in 2020, make sure you regularly check in here. Colors have been versatile like never before.

One of the huge trends for 2020 is the swimwear covered-up pieces. Swimsuits are expected to take a new turnaround with the long-sleeve tops and short-sleeve one-pieces, ultra-high rise bottoms and booty shorts. It still has the modest silhouettes and shows some skin from the plunging neckline or super cropped top.

Tropical prints are yet another trend stolen from the runaways and expected to dominate swimwear wardrobes in 2020. As they say colors speak louder, with the strong jungle of prints with bloom and vivid colors, we expect this swimwear to be a huge trending swimwear around the globe. You can visit the beachsissi website for reviews and inspiration on swimwear trends in 2020.

All wrapped-up

As we have seen some wrap-around tops swimwear across the board, here comes all wrapped up package swimsuit. One thing I like about the wrapped-up package is that with the addition of a pair of skirt or pants you can transition into a full look. With long straps, wrapped around the torso, it feels like a fresh take on the bikini. The versatility of all wrapped up is the favorite element that embraces all beach lovers and poolside enthusiasts. You can see enough cleavage yet still protected enough.

Swimwear suit that may take you beyond the beach seems to claim its fair share of the trend in 2020. With the ornate establishment and velvet finishes, swimsuit intended for the all-day wear only when you add some layered jewelry and wearing some oversize sunglasses, you are good to transition from beachside or poolside and hit the streets without visiting your suitcase.

Back in the days

As it is evident, swimsuits seem to be cut higher and higher with a throwback in the days, the 80s inspired silhouettes if you were looking for a one-piece swimsuit that looks boring, you might be tempted to pack the 2-piece that will take you back in the days but it seems it will define 2020 trends. Finally, have a take that is heavy on the ruching, it seems romantic with its shiny satin finishes. We are predicting these swimsuits heavy on the ruching will define the trend in 2020 everywhere.

I could end this piece without talking about swimsuit for me, men like simplicity from the word go, and it is not different in swimwear.

Black and its hues forms men’s favourite overall swimsuits. Simplicity is key as it is in their wardrobe.