A Guide to Buying Women’s Rings

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift for a loved one, finding the perfect ring is hard! Ring sizing aside, it’s very difficult to pin down the exact right ring. Of course, exploring for yourself is a little easier when it comes to finding something that you like the look of and it becomes a lot more complicated when you’re gifting. If you’re trying to navigate ring shopping and the terminology is tripping you up a little, not to worry, here is a breakdown of the most popular styles on the market right now…


A chain style ring is super graceful and perfect for any woman who likes to flaunt a chic minimalist aesthetic on the daily. These are traditionally very delicate and feminine so just one really is perfect for a lover of pared-back fashion. A chain ring is also a fabulous gift for layering up with other pieces, so if you’re shopping for someone who styles their hands often and you’re not sure what’s going to fit into their jewellery collection, this style is the one for you.

Letter or Symbol

A delicate, symbol or shape is such a lovely, sentimental treat to gift someone for their birthday or during the festive season. The best thing about this option is that it’s relatively simple and fuss-free whilst still being reflective of the recipient’s personality. Think about their favourite shape, a symbol that means a lot to them, their star sign or the first letter of their name to really hit the nail on the head.


A statement ring really is an eye-catching piece that’s around 3-5cm in width. A statement ring is perfect for those who like to make a big impact with minimal effort, or for a stylish woman who loves to pile on their jewellery. You can find so many fun, interesting and creative designs to choose from. This is definitely the boldest option out there!

Signet Ring

Traditionally a masculine piece, the signet ring has really come into its own in recent years and right now it’s basically at the height of on-trend jewellery styles! Choose a gold gilded with a pop of emerald or sapphire for a strong, androgynous addition to any cool-girl outfit.

Embellished Band

An embellished band will be between 1-2.5cm thick, studded with, well, anything you like really. You’ll commonly find diamonds, gemstones, birthstones and even alternate materials such as resin or contrasting metals embossed within the design. This one is a nice middle ground when you know that the person you’re shopping for loves colour, but you don’t want to go too strong. Embellished bands are also great when you find yourself wanting to dabble in colour and decoration, but you don’t want to invest in a statement ring that you might not get all that much wear out of.

Solid Band

A solid band is just the same structure as the embellished style only, you guessed it, unembellished! This is great if you want to gift a minimalist something with a little more weight to it, or if you’re shopping for a simple wedding band.

Gemstone or Diamond Classic Ring

A classic ring is a thin gold band adorned with a singular stone sitting in the centre. This is incredibly timeless and perfect for those who love to keep it simple, stylish and classic. Diamonds and crystals both have luxurious undertones whilst gemstones are a little more colourful and fun.


A tube ring will be around 4-5cm in thickness, choose a solid metal for the jewellery fanatic who you feel like has everything – promise, they don’t have this fashion-forward style in their collection just yet!

Women’s rings are very varied, but by making your selection based on the personal tastes and preferences of the recipient, or yourself, you’re sure to make a fabulous decision!