A Guide to Ring Styling for Women

Rings are a complete staple in any woman’s wardrobe. Whether you’re wearing a wedding ring, fashion piece or a fine band, you’re most likely to have one on right this moment! It’s easy to get a little lost when you want to do a reinvention of your ring styling. Perfect stacking and pairings don’t just happen, they take some styling and careful consideration to get right. If you want to up your ring game but you’re not sure just how to approach the task, here’s how to wear your rings in the most stylish way possible…


This is one of the biggest trends in the jewellery world right now, and it’s very easy to see why. Sliding on a few delicate ring stacks looks absolutely stunning, whatever your personal style might be. This can be as maximalist or minimal as you like really, as long as you stick to between two and four rings per finger, you won’t look too over the top. Try to choose varied, thin styles to layer up, chunkier pieces are more difficult to style, and they can get uncomfortable. Thin, simple gold bands with a small gem or diamond details look particularly striking.

Statement Pieces

Quite the opposite of the above trend, but equally as gorgeous! Statement rings are a great way of pulling together an outfit in a quick and easy fashion. You can opt for an interesting, sculptural metal piece, a decorative resin shape or a masculine style character ring. Whether you’re a classic dresser or a trend worshipper, a statement ring adds that extra special something to any outfit. Try and opt for a metal or colour that works with your day to day outfits and other jewellery, that way you’ll get sufficient wear out of your statement investment.

Minimalist Collections

This is a great compromise between lush layering and signature statements! A collection of subtle, minimalist style rings brings a perfect graceful hint of shine to your daytime looks. Slide a hammered band ring on any three fingers on each hand, this is enough to add effect to your ensemble without overpowering your simple aesthetic. You can match this with a thin gold bangle and a pair of elegant studs for a perfectly feminine yet minimal jewellery look.

Mixed Materials

Whether you’re planning on pulling off just a couple of rings, or multiple layered stacks, you should absolutely consider mixing your metals and materials! This is the ideal way to achieve that beautiful boho vibe that is so big right now. Style your contemporary bohemian look by selecting rings in silver, gold and rose gold with varied gemstones, crystals and diamonds. You can even pick up a ring that features your birthstone if you want to personalize your ensemble even more. Slipping in a resin ring will also add to the wanderer vibe of this free-spirited look. Switch up the thickness and details of your rings to do this perfectly, for example, add bands, woven pieces, chain rings, decorative coin details and signet rings, this is going to look incredibly interesting, unique and striking.

These are just a few ways of styling your ring collection perfectly! The key with rings is to try your looks out until you land on a style that works for you! Remember that comfort and practicality is also important, it’s no use having a flawless stack of rings if you can’t actually go about your day to day life, so keep this in mind when you’re trying on. Shop around for rings for women, with so many options out there, there’s no way you won’t find your dream piece. Happy styling!